First Post!

I’ve resisted starting a blog for a long time.  I don’t know what’s changed my mind – perhaps I thought I just needed to try it.  So here’s my blog.  I’ll give it a while and if I find I don’t really like blogging I’ll stop.  Just like I’ve just stopped one of my websites on The Bill (  I will be using that address for some other stuff, like weaving and dyeing, photos and so on, when I get around to it.

So what am I up to at the moment?  Well, on the loom (Ashford table loom 8-shaft, 80 cm wide) I’ve got a Tencel scarf in a nice braided twill pattern.  It’s “wrong side” up on the loom, so I have to examine the cloth beam to see what the “right side” is looking like as I weave it.



As you can see from the photos, the warp is striped, while the weft is black (well, not quite black – I should have used more dye for a real jet-black).  In the first photo, of the “wrong side” the black isn’t as dominating as it appears to my eye when I look at it directly.  The “right side” is looking very nice (you might be able to spot a slight reed sleying effect in the lime stripe – it should come out after washing at the end).  I’m about half way through weaving the weft and I hope  to finish it this week because the next project needs starting and it has a deadline of sorts!

My knitting is being totally neglected.  I’m not interested at the moment.  I have a toe-up sock in blue Patonyle I started at the end of October that is going nowhere – probably because I need to frog back below the ankle as I think the foot is too long.  And I have a square I’m knitting for the local guild I belong to, for an afgan that will be raffled to raise funds.  The last time I touched it was SSK while I was in Sydney last month.  I knit ONE row, the put it down and ignored it the rest of the time.  Too many good friends I hadn’t seen in ages and too busy talking….  My knitting usually takes place in front of the TV, and being non-ratings season, there is stuff-all on.  Although MythBusters on SBS last night was pretty good.   I’d include Coupling, but I saw all of series 3 & 4 on region 2 DVD ages ago.

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2 Responses to First Post!

  1. celia says:

    That’s a really pretty scarf. an you bring it the next time you join us at SSK? I’d love to see it.


  2. Jenny says:

    Unfortunately Celia, I only get to SSK when I’m in Sydney, which averages about once every six months, so we were pretty lucky to meet last month when I was there!


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