My Garden

I thought I’d post some pictures of my garden today.  It’s cloudy, so I could take some pictures without the shadows that are normally there.


This is the garden bed under the study/second bedroom window.  From left to right there is Lemon Balm, Gazania daisies (not flowering at the moment), Radishes (there was Coriander behind the radishes, but it had gone to flower and I already have lots of seed from last year), “baby” Beetroot, which has dwarfed the Thai Basil behind it, and Purple Sage.  The pot plant on the paving at the right end is a Lemon-scented Geranium (Pelargonium for pedantic botanists…).  The Gazanias are the only original plants from when I moved in two years ago.  The rest of the bed was drought-parched and bare.  The left end is actually quite shady because of the colourbond fence, so I’m quite pleased that the Lemon Balm likes it there because I was having trouble filling that gap.  I might put some Sweet Basil in where the Coriander was – it’s getting a bit late, but I’ve found the Thai Basil has quite a liquorice taste to it that I don’t like much.


The other side, under the kitchen window, looks a bit bare at the moment.  This is partly because of the Birch tree shading the bed and sucking up most of the available soil moisture.  At the left end beside the back door are two climbing frames which had Snow Peas on them until last week.  I planted Purple King Beans after removing the peas, and they just started emerging today.  Last year the beans were in the other bed, and were planted earlier in December.  They went nuts – reaching the roof gutters in height (with the aid of some string) and producing more than enough lovely beans until April.  I’m hoping the new position will be just as successful.  Next to the beans are Spanish Onions.  These too were in the other bed last year.  Last year I planted too many and failed to thin them out sufficiently.  This year I planted too few – poor germination, and they just haven’t been as happy.  They’re difficult to see because the leaves are lying on the ground.  The rest of the bed is lettuce seedlings.  Despite the shade offered by the Birch, they are wilting each day in the sunshine they do get.  The Icelandic Poppies that were in this part of the bed over Winter did very well.


I also have many pot plants of herbs – Lemon Grass, Marjoram and Lemon-scented Oregano.  The Rosemary died the first Winter I was here and I haven’t been game enough to replace it yet.  I’ve presently got two chilli plants – I grew them from seed from Massiel and Peter’s plant (as discovered the hard way how hot they were!) for when they arrive home from ten months in Chile (they theoretically got back to Australia yesterday) and the first plant (with some tiny chillies forming) will go to them.


The second plant isn’t doing so well.  Both had been in the same pot (the only pot out of four in which any seed germinated…) and I’d made the decision to separate them.  Unfortunately, one kept all its roots, this second one didn’t.  It has started growing again now, after finally dropping the flowers it had.


Getting seed to germinate seems to be my biggest problem – the Beetroot above were actually the third attempt (though one attempt failed because I was away for Kath’s wedding and the soil got too dry and killed the seedlings), and my lone tomato plant was also one out of many seed planted (and nurtured until the end of the frost season).  It is supposed to be a Yellow Pear variety, but the fruit now forming don’t look pear-shaped.  So perhaps I got the pots mixed up and it’s actually the Mini Orange variety instead.

So that’s my garden.  It’s not very big, but it’s enough to play around with and produces some yummy herbs and vegetables.

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