Off the loom

The braided twill scarf is off the loom – I finished the hemstitching last night.  I’m glad removing things from the loom is easier than putting them on because I blistered both my middle fingers while tying the warp onto the front beam last week – ouch!  I haven’t done that before (and don’t intend repeating the experience).


The next step is to twist the fringes at each end.  With 292 ends (warp threads) at each end, this will take me a few nights in front of the television to complete.  If you look at the bottom right of the photo you’ll see my braiding tool.  It’s meant to be for braiding hair but it does a fantastic job at twisting the fringes for me.  I was introduced to these by Lynne in my spinning and weaving guild and it’s the best $7 ever spent!  I’m still using the first set of batteries, but I suspect they may be replaced before this scarf is done.

I went to Kmart today because of a 15% sale and picked up Yes Prime Minister Series 1 on DVD.  I really wanted Yes Minister Series 3 as well to complete my set, but no luck.  I’ll probably have to order it direct from ABC shop sometime, though being a 2 DVD set it is $20 more expensive than the others.  Yes Prime Minister is a double-sided disc as well as being dual-layer (DVD-10) – the first disc like that I’ve come across and it looks funny because there’s no label side.

It was amazing to find anything I wanted at Kmart.  Most of the DVDs are arranged “alphabetically” – the alphabet for the average Kmart employee must be different to the one I know.  The Mask of Zorro was under “XYZ” near Yes Prime Minister (which was the sole “Y” title I saw).  But I later saw it again under “M” and I suppose if I looked hard enough they may have had another copy under “T” as well.  I’ve learnt to be creative about where to look for the title I want and I was only more persistent today because of the discount.  They also had Pride and Prejudice which was tempting at only $42 less 15% (ABC price is $60), but as I taped it when it aired again last year, and as I’ve seen it countless times already, I passed.

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