Finished item


I’ve finished the braided twill scarf and I’m really happy with it.  For this scarf I left more warp for braiding the fringes than I had in previous projects, and I think the longer fringes are much better.  The pattern has also come up nicely.  The choice of colours was mainly dictated by my trial and error Tencel dying – I picked out some colours I thought worked together from the many I’ve dyed in the last six months.

I’m considering winding a Tencel warp for painting, but I really must get on with the next project – a baby blanket for an expecting friend of my brother’s.  The painted warp ideas I have in my head may just have to stay there for a few more weeks – perhaps I’ll paint the warp before the end of the school holidays then weave it somewhere down the track.

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  1. Timothy says:

    Nice job Jenny. Louisa will appreciated.


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