Wet, wet wet

When Tim and Jenny B arrived yesterday, they said they wanted to visit some of the waterfalls in the area.  I said they’d perhaps be a bit disappointing, because we haven’t had much rain lately.  I should not have said that.  I definitely should not have said that.  Soon afterwards, the heavens opened, complete with plenty of thunder and lightening.  It was so spectacular that the TV transmitter for ABC and SBS went offline for a while.  And it brought an end to the hot weather.  Yippee!


Problem is, the rain didn’t stop.  So after another good thunderstorm this morning, we set off for Dorrigo anyway.  We had to give Point Lookout in New England National Park a miss because of the rain and unsealed road it would have involved.  So we went straight to having lunch in Dorrigo.  Then we headed to the Rainforest Centre in Dorrigo National Park, where we donned rain ponchos and umbrellas and braved the Skywalk above the rainforest canopy.  Tim and Jen laughed as I battled the wind, juggling my camera and umbrella to photograph them (left).


As you can see (left), the view was just great, but I couldn’t quite make out anything that the informative sign believed I should be seeing…  Tim took some suitably embarrassing photos of me on his digital camera, to redress my posting the photograph of him here yesterday.  But as he left behind his computer cable and it’s not compatible with mine, we can’t download the photos.


We retired to the coffee shop as it was far too wet to do the rainforest walk (shame, because it’s very nice).   Then we visited the gift shop, where I fell in love with, and bought, a lovely pewter bug brooch made by a local craftsperson.  If I recall correctly, the blue stone is polished Tasmanian glass, and the purple stones on the wings are faceted antique glass.   Very cute.  The drive back to town was just as wet and misty as before, but we stopped at Ebor Falls for a fix of waterfall watching.

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