Purple Mist Arrives


At last, my slubby purple mist wool on order has arrived.  I went up to Guyra after school today to collect it.  The pattern calls for a long tail cast on, which I’ve not tried before.  Time to increase my repertoire of cast-on methods!  The first step will be to wind the skeins into balls.  Hopefully I’ll get the cast on and a few foundation rows done tonight.

Today has been overcast all day, with only a few spits of rain.  The cloud rolled in overnight, keeping the temperature from dropping much.  I would like it to rain  – I’m having to water the plants daily.  This afternoon’s forecast thunderstorm appears to now be expected in the morning.  So here comes another warm night *sigh*.

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One Response to Purple Mist Arrives

  1. Jenny says:

    Wonderful colours, can’t wait to see what this casting on technique means. I’ve been entertaining my office textile boffins with you blog’s weaving and knitting projects!


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