Garden, Knitting and Weaving Update


I’ve had some long days this week, and have mostly only gone into my garden to quickly water the plants and not much else.  So I love weekends when I get to spend some time tinkering around and actually seeing how much growing has been done.   The beans reached the guttering on Monday and are now attempting to find something up there to climb on.  I hope they don’t find a branch of the nearby Birch tree, or I’ll have to climb up there and cut the stems (I’d certainly never reach any beans up that high).  A few flower buds are now appearing so I hope to start harvesting beans soon.   The tomato plant that was supposed to be the Yellow Pear variety was actually the Mini Orange variety as I had guessed.  Must try not to mix up my labels on the seedling pots again next year.  The fruit have been ripening and I’ve already eaten several in salads.


My chilli plant now has several chillies on it.  When they ripen I will probably use some fresh, but dry any excess.  I have the dried chillies from which the seed for this plant came and they are wickedly hot!  I’ve been harvesting radishes, beetroot and some of the lettuce, and all of the onions have been pulled up and stored.  I would have planted more radishes, but as I will probably move house in around a month or so, there’s no point (I just hope I can get the most out of what’s already there before moving).

The baby blanket is just about to come off the loom.  I’ll probably then pack up the loom and table for the time being.  I’m too busy during the school term to weave anything and certainly won’t be starting anything before moving.


I started the Bob and Weave shawl on Wednesday night – it took a bit of fiddling with the long-tail cast-on before I worked out which bit of yarn I had to go under and which was looped over to do it.  With this cast-on method the dropped stitches won’t cause the whole thing to unravel.  Not that I was totally convinced until I did the first lot of dropping stitches and pulled them back to the cast-on edge…  I started out on 4.5 mm needles and have done about 15 cm but I think I should have used larger needles.  So I’m going to do what I should have done in the first place and swatch it on 5.5 mm needles, and I’ve just realised the mohair lace scarf is on my only 5.5 mm needles and the next size I have is 7 mm – bummer!  If only I could run out and buy some 6 mm needles locally tomorrow – no chance!  I really want to have this shawl finished by early March, but this is looking less and less likely.  I wonder how much knitting can be done at the swimming carnival this week?

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