Show time

Last year I entered several items in the local show, some photographs (up against lots of absolutely fantastic entries) and a baby jacket knitted from cotton.  Because it was cotton it has to go in a miscellaneous yarns section, and ended up being one of only two entries.  So the second place I received for it didn’t really feel like an achievement.

This year, I didn’t bother entering any photos (the quality of entries was absolutely outstanding again), and no knitting, but I put the braided twill scarf into the weaving section.  I had to take it to the showground on Tuesday after school, and because there was no steward for the weaving, I’d had to hand it over at the main office without the full paperwork having been done, where it was placed in a pile of stuff from which I feared it would never be seen again.


But I think I achieved something this year…  Not only did I take first place in the class (“hand woven article using commercial yarn”) – the little blue ribbon, but I was also awarded the “best piece of weaving” prize overall – the big gold ribbon, beating entries by both my weaving teachers (obviously I have absolutely the *best* weaving teachers!).  Not bad for someone who’s been weaving for nine months.  Unfortunately, there being no steward for the section, nobody contacted me to tell me I should be at the parade to collect the “prize” (an empty envelope…  It was sponsored by my spinning and weaving group and I’ll get it later).

For the two nights of the show (Friday and Saturday) I’ve been helping with the spinning and weaving group’s display, demonstrating some extremely bad weaving (not my loom so I’m not used to the shaft arrangement, and I talk too much while demonstrating and forget which shafts I should be lifting next!) and getting a lot of the Bob and Weave shawl knitted.  I’m nearly at the end of the second ball of wool.  It’s now getting so large I won’t be able to carry it to school to work on at lunchtimes for much longer.  And it definitely won’t be finished by next weekend as I had originally hoped.

Next weekend will be a busy one: Mark and Tieneke’s wedding on Saturday and Jean and Stephen’s wedding celebrations on Sunday (they married in January).  So I’ll be flying down to Sydney for the day on Sunday (pity you can’t knit on planes these days).  This means I’m trying to get double the usual amount of class prep done this weekend.  Arghhhh!

And by the way, the caramel fudge was delicious.

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