Mania + Mouse

I have been really, really busy over the last couple of weeks.  I even have proof: I have repeated an overuse injury to my right foot that I last did two years ago.  By the end of Wednesday (the third absolutely working flat-out day in a row) my foot had started to ache.  By Thursday morning I could barely put any weight on it.  I hobbled off to school anyway, and during my first lesson off all week, went and saw the doctor.

The doctor put me on prednisone (a steroid).  Last time I took a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and it took a few days to take effect.  The prednisone acted pretty quickly and I could walk normally again by Friday morning.  But unfortunately the darn stuff has me feeling pretty wired – I ‘m having a hard time trying to relax, especially when I want to go to sleep.  So I’m really glad the dose was dropped to half today, and I’m only on the stuff until Monday.

So that’s the mania, how about the mouse?  Well, yesterday it rained properly for the first time this month, and the temperature finally dropped (it’s been a warm February and March up to Thursday).  In the evening I thought I could hear some sort of rustling noise behind my oven.  Every time I turned down the TV and went to listen, it stopped.  I thought perhaps it could be a mouse trying to get in, but then I decided I was hearing things.  Then I thought I saw something dart from my sewing pile to under the wall unit in the living room.  I decided perhaps the prednisone was really affecting my sense of reality.  At some point during this (yep – vague would be another effect…), I decided to spray surface spray right around the oven.  I thought if it was something other than a mouse it might be killed, or if it was a mouse, maybe it would dissuade it from coming any further.  I moved some biscuits I bought at the bakery earlier in the day from the cellophane bag they were in to an air tight container, just in case.

I woke at 6am this morning to the sound of rustling within my bedroom…  I lay motionless until it sounded really close.  In fact it sounded like it was beside my pillow.  I jumped up and turned on the light.  I saw nothing mouse-like.  I jumped out of bed and looked under it.  No mouse.  I looked around everything.  Still no mouse.  About the only evidence was some possible droppings on the bed head (so if there was a mouse, it really did want to get into my bed – arghhhhh!).  But the droppings could also have been the remains of a moth (the bedside light is usually the last off at night so I sometimes have to kill the bugs that are attracted to it).  Okay, so by now you can add paranoia to the mania.  I was out of the house for much of the day, and finally did my weekly shopping.  I thought about getting mouse traps but decided I was being silly.

So I’m eating my dinner tonight, and I thought I saw something dart under the fridge.  I looked under the fridge.  Nothing.  I went back to eating my dinner.  Then I thought something dart from the direction of the fridge to behind the recycling bag.  This paranoia is pretty bad isn’t it?  I got up the nerve to actually shift the recycling.  No mouse anywhere.  Feeling really stupid, I went back to my dinner.  Then I saw it.  It started to run from the corner near the recycling where the pantry cupboard is, towards the oven.  It saw me and darted back.  Okay, now I’m not seeing things – it’s an adult-size brown mouse.  Bugger.

This is the third autumn I’ve lived here, but the first time I’ve had a mouse.  Perhaps that’s because the previous managing agent was finally successful in getting rid of all the cats in this block about six months ago (then management changed in December).  So what’s a girl to do?  Ring her Mum for advice, of course!  While I was on the phone the mouse made repeated attempts to dart across the kitchen, but every time he saw me he darted back – this is one fast mouse.  I think he’s got a hole beside the pantry cupboard into a narrow void between the kitchen wall and the cupboard.  I hope he’s not getting into the pantry (I did look there for any mouse evidence earlier in the day, so I don’t think so).


Considering my paranoid state, I needed to prove I have a mouse with a photo.  So there’s his head poking out from the corner behind the recycling bag.  I’m sure my Mum got enough of my babbling to believe I’m pretty loopy on the prednisone…  We decided on mouse traps, so after doing the dishes, I went to Coles and bought some traps.


I went for new, high-tech traps and old-style low-tech traps.  I hope this is a high-tech mouse because the high-tech traps will kill and conceal the mouse within the trap so all I have to do is dispose of the whole lot.  I’m not all that keen on removing a mouse from the old-style trap.  Since the traps were set an hour ago, nothing has happened – while I was out the mouse could have gone anywhere in the kitchen, living and dining areas (a downside of open-plan living – another is heating costs…).  The bedroom door is closed, and will stay that way tonight!

And the prednisone had me climbing the walls before I knew there was a mouse…  I’m off to try knitting for half an hour before trying to sleep.  By the way, the Bob and Weave is at the end of the third ball of wool and going well.

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