A proper update


Here’s a picture of Bob and Weave in its 75% complete state.  It’s just under 140 cm long and so it is keeping my legs warm while I knit – very snugly now the weather is actually cooling down.  I can’t wait to wrap myself up in it once I’ve finished it.

You can perhaps make out where each skein of wool was started.  I didn’t bother alternating balls.  The first and second balls are nearly indistinguishable, while the third definitely has more blue in it.  I’m not terribly worried since the ribbon to be threaded through the dropped stitches is likely to draw the eye away from these variations, and they are much clearer in the photo than in reality.

And the mouse?  Hasn’t been seen or heard since I went out to get the traps yesterday, with the exception of some possible noise in the kitchen this morning (before I got up and that I didn’t bother going and checking).  I hope to get any holes behind the oven blocked up (contacting my landlord’s agent tomorrow), and if I detect no mouse activity for a week then I’ll block up the passage it was using beside the pantry cupboard with space-filla foam.  I moved any food that wasn’t already in a jar or container into air tight containers (including the Easter egg stash – the marshmallow eggs, Lindt bunnies, and Pink Lady wombat are all mine and he’s not having them!).  At the moment he’s called “bastard mouse!”.  Suggestions for better names welcome…

Now I’m off to sit in front of the telly, watch one of my recently purchased DVDs I’ve been trying to find time for (Yes Minister: Series 3, The Goodies: A Tasty Second Helping and Monty Python’s Meaning of Life), and continue knitting.

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