Long Weekends are Good

Thank heavens for long weekends.  I finally feel on top of my school work and all my marking is up to date – well, for the next 48 hours anyway.  Two more bundles of marking will come my way on Wednesday…  But it is only two weeks until the school holidays.

The Bob and Weave shawl seems to be on the home straight too.  I’m around half-way through the last ball of wool.  It isn’t really a portable knitting project anymore – it takes up all the space in my felt carry bag.  I got a lot of knitting done while selling raffle tickets for my spinning and weaving group on Sunday morning at the local markets.  But it was the spinners who got people interested in us and buying the raffle tickets.  Knitting is pretty pedestrian when next to a woman with a spinning wheel and another with a drop spindle.  Kids were especially mesmerised by it.  But no, I’m not about to take up spinning.  I’m still playing around with weaving (and my yarn stash has expanded a fair bit over the last year or so without me spinning too!).

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