I Hate Moving House


I hate moving house.  It’s all so much work.  With the help of my wonderful parents though, a large proportion of my belongings have now moved to my new address.  My parents also delivered a sofa my sister wasn’t using (well, Oscar the cat might have been using it…) and kindly parted with (thanks pooh-head!).  What’s left is mainly either very heavy (books, especially the floras and textbooks) or very bulky (eg. sofa, beds) or both (eg. fridge).  A truck comes for them on Thursday.

The unexpected surprise at my new home when I signed the lease was that they’d repainted the interior walls, ahem, yellow, and that they want to recarpet the place sometime soon.  I’m going to try talk them out of the recarpeting.  It’s quite enough to move all my furniture once…  And by the time I arrange the furniture and bring over the rugs (they’re staying at my old place until I steam clean them at the same time as the horrible brown carpet) then no one will know there’s some dreadful patches and holes underneath in the living room carpet.  Of course, the painters removed almost every picture hook too, so now I need to get permission to put some back up.

So the week ahead involves lots of cleaning at one location, and lots of putting stuff away at the other location (thank heavens for school holidays!).  I have loads more cupboards at my new place; this is probably not such a good thing as I tend to hoard things and never part with them.


Moving out so much of my stuff has meant I could spread out the Bob and Weave shawl to adjust the tension of the ribbons.  I finished knitting it a week ago, and the ribbons have been a bit more fiddly than I anticipated.  I also didn’t buy enough ribbon (the shawl is a little longer than expected) so it will be a bit longer before I get a chance to get some more for the last three drop-stitched ladders.  It is very snuggly and warm already!

The latest Knitty is out.  I’m a tad annoyed because I’m on the update list and I still haven’t received the notification email for the new issue.  I checked, and I am on the Yahoo! list, and Amy did send out the notification.  I suppose that Yahoo! just can’t deal with a list of nearly 20,000 subscribers!  And my browser is being silly and won’t refresh to the correct issue.  I’m looking forward to Southern Cross Knitting coming out – an online mag with the seasons in sync, and hopefully using yarns I can actually lay my hands on!

Tomorrow, my phone line gets shifted, so I probably won’t have my ADSL connection for a while.

Edit:  the Knitty notification was in my spam box.  I’ve fixed the filter to allow them through in future.

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