I like my new neighbours


Here’s a photo of some of my new neighbours.  I don’t think they’ll jump the two fences between me and them to invade my yard, and I don’t think they’ll make much noise.  When I woke up yesterday morning, I sat by a window and watched and listened to the local bird life (cockatoos, galahs, rosellas, magpies…).  I like my new home very much!


Inside, the place is slowly coming together.  All 14 boxes of books are now unpacked and reshelved.  Thankfully, I did talk the landlord out of recarpeting.  I couldn’t face unpacking those shelves again so soon!  But tomorrow, the lino in the kitchen is being replaced.  And I got permission to put up the pictures – only some are up so far because I’ve run out of picture hooks!  The poster on the wall on the left is one I have had rolled up for the last 2 and a bit years since I left Sydney – it suits the yellow walls (the colour isn’t too bad, but it is a really poor paint job!).  The pile of things on the floor on the left is my school marking pile…

And the ADSL was reconnected this afternoon.  Which really makes my moving house pretty much complete!

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