Hitchhikers Movie


I’ve just returned from seeing The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy movie, and it was fantastic.  I loved the “point of view gun”, the factory floor on Magrathea was visually stunning, and the knitted sequence (pictured) was a laugh.  Yep, they did a knitted sequence where the space ship and all the crew were temporarily knitted dolls and knitted walls, floors – everything!  And Arthur Dent coughed up multicoloured wool, and continued to after ‘normality’ was restored.  The whole thing was brilliant.  If you go see it, be sure to stay through the end credits because there’s a postscript from the Hitchhikers Guide…

School’s back in so I’m flat out with work, but I have picked up the needles again on the kid mohair scarf.  It’s at that stage where the ball doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller and the scarf doesn’t seem to be getting any longer but in fact both are happening according to the measuring tape.  Any day now it may actually cool down enough to wear a scarf.  It’s still ridiculously warm considering it’s the last day of April.  It’s colder at night but there’s still not been a decent frost and the daytime temperatures are above average.

Despite the lack of cool weather, I went shopping this morning and bought a pair of chocolate brown ‘wool denim’ jeans (expensive, but hopefully worth it), and a brown jacket.  I liked the jacket because it’s 100% wool (the shop assistant described it as “boiled wool” – it’s a knitted and fulled fabric) and unlined – most of the jackets have polyester linings that I hate.

I also went to the garden centre and bought a new Rosemary plant (my last one died during the first Winter I was in Armidale – it didn’t adjust from Sydney’s climate) and a mixed punnet of Asian greens – Bok Choy, Chinese Cabbage and Choy Sum.  My last attempt at Bok Choy wasn’t very successful (raised from seed and bolted straight to flower), so it will be interesting to see what happens.

And the Bob and Weave shawl is a whisker away from completion – I have the ribbon needed to finish it and have been threading and stitching it when I get the chance.  Which is usually when watching bad television that doesn’t require my full attention.  There hasn’t been much time for that in the last week – I have several hours of (good) taped programs to watch.  Like I said, it’s been a hectic week.

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