Planes, trains and automobiles

Late.  That’s a one word summary of my quick visit to Sydney.  Everything ran late.  The Qantas plane I was to fly on to Sydney on Monday struck a bird as it landed at Armidale airport and couldn’t take off again without an engineer’s clearance.  Eventually everyone from the flight was put on a Rex flight, which surprisingly, still wasn’t full after both its original passengers and the Qantas passengers were added together.

So I was later than expected in reaching Sydney and Tim and Jenny B’s.  On Tuesday, Tim and I set off in the car at 7.15 am for Wollstonecraft Station.  Epping Road was a carpark, so we didn’t reach Wollstonecraft until 8.10 am.  Not that it mattered.  There were no trains, and no information about why.  Finally an announcement was made about the late running 8.05 arriving after the (late running) 8.13, but what I suppose were both those trains finally passed through, packed with passengers up against the windows, without stopping as the time marched on towards 8.30.  The first train that did stop was not worth Tim and I forcing our way onto.  We got on the second train.  I farewelled Tim at Town Hall and changed trains for Marrickville at Central.  I phoned ahead to say I was late, and finally arrived at about 9.15 am – about half an hour late – only to find that a third of the course participants were even later than me so they hadn’t started yet!.

So the course sessions ran late all day (one session was skipped entirely) and we finished 15 minutes late.  And having made a mental note about where I’d be able to park my car the next time (late next month), they said at the end of the day "we’ll let you know where the next session is" (grrrr!).  I caught a train back to the city and met Katherine in Martin Place at the Lindt shop and cafe.  We both indulged in Lindt brownies and I had an iced milk chocolate (can’t remember what Kath’s drink was), and yapped for a while until I had to make a move for the airport.  We each bought some chocolate and said our farewells, and I headed for the trains once again.

Thankfully the lateness stopped at this point – I made it to the airport on time, and the plane was on schedule (and without a single spare seat).  I spent the next couple of days totally exhausted from it all.

I might manage to post again tomorrow about Wool Expo.

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2 Responses to Planes, trains and automobiles

  1. Timothy Hart says:

    We still don’t know what happened with the trains.


  2. Jen says:

    I thought with CityRail you would never expect to find out…


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