Wool Expo

So much for posting "tomorrow"…  Ahem.  Got too busy, as usual!

Wool Expo was last weekend.  I was in the woolcraft tent on both Saturday and Sunday and had a great time.  On Saturday there were lots of people coming to look at the display and there were other stalls selling a variety of wool and other crafty bits.  I ogled some spun recycled silk throwers waste yarn, but thought it was to impractical for anything I’d want to make.  In the end I bought some undyed Mulberry silk noil 10/1 yarn (all the dyed skeins were in horrible colours in my opinion) for which I have some ideas.  I had barely any time to knit the kid mohair lace scarf in between raffle ticket sales and handing out information on the spinning and weaving group.

Sunday was quieter, but I got no knitting done at all because I had to separate and fold all the handspun, handknitted rug raffle tickets for the draw in the afternoon.  We have been selling tickets since February, and I spent both the last two market Sundays selling tickets in the mall.  In the end it was won by a lady from the Central Coast, and I found out today the final tally was over $900 raised!  So it was well worth all the time and effort put in.

On Sunday night I finally reached the end of the ball of kid mohair, finishing the lace scarf.  I washed it on Monday after school and started wearing it on Wednesday.  It’s a bit longer than anticipated as it relaxed on washing, but it is absolutely lovely to wear.  Pictures soon…

So I’m finally back to knitting the blue socks I started last October.  I thought I was going to have to frog back to before the heel because the foot was too long, but on looking at it again I decided that it wasn’t that bad, and continued on.  It’s grown a few centimetres already.

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