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Alas, it is mid-year reporting season at school, so I seem to have endless work to do.  Sock knitting barely gets a look in.  But I got a new gadget on Friday afternoon – a digital set top box with hard disk recorder, so now I can record television programs on both the VCR and the PVR (“personal video recorder”).  Just don’t ask me when I’ll supposedly watch the stuff I record…

So far I can only watch ABC and ABC2 on the digital box.  SBS is supposed to be broadcasting digital TV here, but I can’t get a signal, even with manual tuning to the supposed frequency, and I can’t find anyone locally who has a digital box and has managed to tune into SBS.  (Unless I can find someone who has actually tuned into SBS, I can’t start blaming the aerial or other possible problems.)  The remaining channels (NBN, Prime and Southern Cross) aren’t due to begin broadcasting digital TV here until October-December this year.

I’m really happy with the digital TV because the reception quality is substantially better than analog.  I mostly watch ABC and SBS so if I could get SBS I’d be really happy.  And yes, I have the set top box connected to the television through my VCR, as is my DVD player (I’m glad the VCR has enough sets of inputs!).  I will replace the ‘family heirloom’ 1978 colour television eventually, but it is still going strong with relatively good picture quality.  I’ve been waiting five and a half years for the picture tube to suddenly and catastrophically fail, and it hasn’t happened yet.

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  1. Timothy Hart says:

    Have you thought about opening an electronic shop?
    If you wait a year or two you will be able to get a LCD or plasma TV for a reasonable price, somehow I do not think it will last as long as the old family heirloom.


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