I will not complain

Last post, I complained about the measly rain that had fallen.  Well, later that night, it rained.  And then it rained more the next day.  And it has rained a few more times since then.  About 50 mm fell – the best rain since Tim and Jenny visited in January.  It really did feel like it had forgotten how to rain.  But it has remembered again now.

Now it is forecast to snow tonight and tomorrow.  It is estimated to be a severe cold snap, a one in ten year event, so it could be the best snow falls seen in years.  The first year I was in Armidale (2003) it did not snow.  Last year, it snowed a little a few times, mainly not settling on the ground.  I still have the incongruous image of seeing an Acacia in full bloom (the whole small tree was bright yellow), in the middle of a flurry of snow, stuck in my mind from 5th August last year.  The one morning it had apparently settled, I stayed tucked up in bed (it was a Sunday), and by the time I found out it had melted.  I’m determined to see it and get photos this time.  I’ve even put away the Jenny Jeep in 4WD tonight, just in case I have a snowy driveway tomorrow – I still need to be able to get to school.

blue flower markers

As far as crafty pursuits go, the second sock is now underway.  It doesn’t match the first as I worked out the figure-8 cast-on properly this time, and then forgot to twist each of the stitched I picked up to make stitches, increasing the width of the toe.  I don’t mind – no one will see that inside my shoes!  I’ve also been playing around with some beading and made some beaded stitch markers.  The 6 mm split rings the ones in the photo are on are nice for the needle size I knit socks on, but I need some larger rings for larger needles.

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