Busy Week


The snow last week was quite unspectacular in the end – apparently it was quite good at 2 am, but funnily enough I was tucked up in bed asleep and missed it.  On Thursday morning, very little remained on the ground, but there was some to see on any cars not left under cover and on roof tops.  It continued to snow off and on all day, but did not settle.  Not very conducive to school work either…

On Friday I flew to Sydney for another day of professional development.  Unlike last time, I stuck to buses this time to get around town.  I stayed at Tim and Jenny’s again and celebrated Tim’s birthday that night with Kath and Damien (and ‘Strawberry’) as well.  On Saturday I managed a spot of shopping before heading for Newtown and SSK.  Due to my flight back to Armidale, I couldn’t spend very long at SSK, but it was lovely to catch up with them.  I took a few photos but haven’t yet put them up on the web.

This time, I allowed plenty of time to get back to the airport, first catching a bus to Central then intending to catch a train to the domestic terminal.  Since I had caught a bus very quickly, I dawdled at the Devonshire Street tunnel, browsing in the bargain basement bookshop, and picked up a cheap hardback copy of “Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction” by Sue Townsend.  I finally reached the other end of the tunnel, only to find that as well as City Circle trains being cancelled due to track work (which I had known about), the airport line was also closed!  Eeeeek!  Once I established where to get a bus to the airport and bought a ticket, I dashed up the stairs, and caught a bus within five minutes, so I still reached the airport terminal in time.  I could have done without the extra stress!

Sunday was spent with Peter and his Mum, who were visiting to look at properties in the Uralla area.  We spent a leisurely morning at the monthly markets in the Armidale Mall, followed by a lovely lunch, before returning to my place and chatting and knitting all afternoon – quality catch-up time.

Monday was a do-very-little day, mainly spent cleaning the house, surfing the internet and reading, while on Tuesday I drove to Mum and Dad’s place at Port Stephens.  On Wednesday morning we went to Mum’s Spinning and Weaving group in Nelson Bay at the Arts and Crafts centre.  I had the chance to see their craft display – or what was left that hadn’t yet sold from the display!  There was some very inspiring stuff.










Mum’s scarves had already sold, but some of her other items were still there.  Downstairs where the group meets, Mum started to teach me to spin on my wheel, starting with plying some ugly purple and orange acrylic yarn together.  When I finished that, I went back to knitting the Patonyle socks, which are now past the heel and coming along nicely.


After lunch we went home briefly before setting off to Sydney (yes, two trips to Sydney for me in one week…), again staying with Tim and Jenny.  The reason for visiting Sydney was to go to Virginia Farm Woolworks on Thursday morning.  I have been in need of a warping board for some time, and as the price of the Ashford one was ridiculous, I’d decided I wanted one from Virginia Farm.  Problem was, they are glued and screwed at the corners (the Ashford ones dismantle), so it would have cost a small fortune to post it to Armidale.  I couldn’t have flown it back to Armidale either (and hadn’t had my car in order to get out to Annangrove).  So it was a good excuse to make a trip to Virginia Farm and do some damage to both our credit cards.  After about an hour and three quarters, I came away with the warping board, a skein of 4 ply Touch yarn in a lovely purple and deep green-almost black colourway, and some silk-merino blend in deep reds and purples for spinning.  Mum bought some brown fleece, fawn fleece, carded corridale sliver, the silk-merino in pink, and some wool dyes for a friend.  We drove back to Port Stephens in the early afternoon, and I started to learn how to spin singles on some carded merino I had bought from Virginia Farm via mail order back in May.  At the moment I’m getting the hang of drawing, but I need to pedal the spinning wheel more slowly, as I’m putting too much twist in the yarn.



I’m staying here at Port Stephens for my birthday tomorrow, before heading home on Sunday.

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