Flock of Sheep


I finished the Patonyle socks on Sunday evening.   And as I love wearing my hand-knitted socks so much, I’m about to start another pair.  This pair will be a little more challenging – they are sideways socks.  The cast on edge is from the cuff to the toe, which is eventually to be grafted to the final row.  The heel, toe and calf will have short row shaping and the sock is worked in a solid colour yarn plus a variegated yarn.  Thankfully, the pattern is both charted and has written-out instructions, because it is more complex than most knitting I do, and I think I’ll actually have to concentrate on what I’m doing.  The pattern is from the book Socks Socks Socks.


I’ve also been playing around with some Fimo and made some sheep beads – a whole flock of them.  At least some of them will end up on stitch markers.  Obviously I’m spending lots of time marking school work and preparing for next term.  Not.

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