Ugly Socks


I started the sideways socks and found the pattern wasn’t as hard to follow as I had thought (especially after I worked out the first written version was wrong, but the chart and second written version were correct).  However, after 22 rows I decided it looked ugly, as the photo shows, due to my choice of yarn colours.  So I ripped it all out.  I’ll try this pattern again with more appropriate yarns at some later date.

So I’ve started another pair of socks on dpns in the round with “Miami” yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills.  I bought two balls of it in “brown” (actually a variegated brown/blue/grey) late last year when it was first released.  Peter said on justdoitknits that Miami yarn was now in a bargain bin at the Mill.  It’s weird stuff – 40% wool, 45% cotton, 15% nylon, with each of the 4 plys composed of a white strand (the cotton?) plyed with a coloured strand (wool/nylon?) giving a denim look to the yarn.  It isn’t very elastic.  I may find it knits up ugly, or is unsuitable as a sock yarn, in which case it will go the same was as the sideways sock – into the frog pond.

I also finished spinning my first bobbin of singles from carded Merino, and have started a second.  I’m looking forward to finishing the second bobbin an plying them together into yarn.  As a first attempt, it probably won’t be great, but I’m still excited.  It’ll probably take another week at the rate I’m spinning though (45 to 90 minutes per day).

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