SBS on digital

I’m a happy jennywren today – I found late last night that my digital set top box is now able to tune into SBS.  Test transmissions had begun on 8 June, which quelled my fears that the aerial was faulty as the STB showed signal at the correct frequency.  I’ve been checking every week, and since the holidays began, every couple of days to see if the testing had finished and broadcasting had begun.  It looks like 8 July was the day…

So now I probably ought to start looking at DVD recorders more seriously – before the hard disk recorder on the STB becomes full with Mythbusters episodes!  I’m torn between buying the three Mythbusters DVDs released last week (1, 2, 3 – these are selected experiments/episodes, not the complete series), or waiting to see if SBS repeats the series from the beginning when they run out of new episodes (we have 7 episodes to go before we catch up with the US).

And you may have noticed a change of colour scheme.  I’m still deciding whether or not I like it more than the old layout.

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2 Responses to SBS on digital

  1. KaffyPooHead says:

    Hi JenPooHead,
    I like the new colour scheme, it looks clean, sleek and modern. Wasn’t too sure if I was looking at the right photos on the SSK link so I just looked at all of them. I think you must have taken most of them anyway as you were barely featured!


  2. Jen says:

    Hey little sis…
    Like the post after this one says – it’s the photos from 25 June I put up, so they would be the ones on the page “25-6-2005” linked from the bottom of the main page.
    Of course I’m not in many of the photos. Living in Armidale somewhat prevents my attending more than a few times a year!
    Is that strawberry making you ditzy? LOLOLOL


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