Sideways Sock Wool Dyeing


Remember the Ugly Socks?  Well, I ordered some suitable undyed yarn (Kona Superwash from the Wool Peddler) which arrived on Thursday.  Today I dyed some of it for the Sideways Sock pattern.  I hadn’t done any wool dyeing in ages – and this was the first dyeing I’ve done since moving house in April.  Note to self: careful what ends up in the laundry tub – this one is cream acrylic, not stainless steel…


I dyed one lot of about 50 grams with Landscapes dye in Marine Blue, Wild Raspberry and Cyclamin, and a second lot of 50 grams in Gaywool Indigo.  This was the first time I’d used the Indigo colour.  I like it, but I don’t think the two skeins combined will give the effect I want.  I might wind off another 50 gram lot tomorrow and dye it with the Cyclamin and use the Indigo for something else later.


Along with the Kona, I bought a skein of ‘Silk and Ivory’ for the stash.  Today has actually been quite productive on the fibre front – I also finished spinning my second bobbin of Merino.  The second bobbin has taken nearly two months, thanks to my having virtually no spare time during school term.  I’m looking forward to plying and actually producing my first skein of yarn.  That probably won’t happen until next weekend since I’ve left everything else that needs doing this weekend to tomorrow.

There has been very little knitting lately.  I bruised my left hand Friday week ago trying to quietly deal with a heater while supervising an exam at school.  I didn’t close it hard enough and the door fell back on my hand leaving me with a nice swollen lump and bruise.  It’s fine now, but Strawberry’s Surprise #1 is awaiting buttons (hopefully I’ll get a button-buying opportunity while in Sydney on Tuesday as I’ve ruled out all of the limited Armidale button range as unsuitable), and the Miami socks are not all that enjoyable to knit, so progress is almost non-existent.

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