Too much to do

Yes, it is the school holidays, so technically I should have some time to update this blog.  Problem is, it has been one entry on a very long list of things to get done over the holidays.  So here’s a very long blog entry.

The last school term couldn’t end soon enough.  I’ve been desperately in need of a break from school work.  Spring has well and truly sprung around here – a succession of trees are putting out new leaves, the flowers are mostly out (the Wisteria on the neighbour’s fence appears to be among the last to bloom), the grass is growing again, and the washing actually manages to dry within a day rather than needing a spin in the clothes dryer.

So the first thing tackled aroung here was some gardening while the weather was good.  I’ve planted a Lavender, a  Roma Tomato plant (KMart hadn’t managed to kill it yet), Basil seed, and seed of a few mini Tomato varieties.  I mulched the garden bed an the top of some of my pot plants.  Yet to be done is the planting of some radishes, beetroot, and perhaps the construction of a step from the front yard to the porch where the height difference is more than comfortable (and I tend to step onto the porch there because it is closest to the garage).

Next on the to-do list was transferring some of my video collection to DVD, now that I finally have a working DVD Recorder.  I haven’t mentioned it here before, but I actually purchased a DVD Recorder back in July.  Problem was it kept stuffing up when finalising recordings, so it had to be sent under warranty to Melbourne, twice.  The first time they sent it back saying nothing was wrong.  The second time I sent them a disk on which I’d made a recording that did not work and asked that the machine be replaced.  They did replace it, and this one works perfectly.  So I finally got to clear most of the hard disk on the PVR to DVD.  I’ve recorded all the episodes of Daria series 2 & 3 that I had on video tape to DVD.  Then I found I was missing the first four episodes of series 4, and the tape with most of series 5 is missing.  I remember loaning that tape, but I equally remember getting it back.  I just don’t know what I did with it after that!  Happily, I looked up the ABC TV website and found Daria is getting another airing from next week – from the start of series 4.  Fantastic.  There’s still lots of other tapes to transfer to DVD.

Next was to finally retire my desktop computer in favour of my Dell laptop.  The desktop was crashing with ridiculous frequency, couldn’t run some software (like Google Earth and podcasting software) and was taking up too much desk real estate.  I either had to cough up for some more RAM (it only had 128 Mb), or buy a print server (as the desktop was acting as a print server by sharing the printer on my home network).  I went with the print server, which arrived on Tuesday, despite the supplier dispatching it to my old address (Idiots.  They’ve apologised.  Thank goodness for good couriers.), and so I’m writing this on the Dell.  I may even manage to reclaim the dining table for dining and reading newspapers – a novel concept since it is usually drowning in a laptop (or two) and school work.  So far I haven’t got my school iBook to fully communicate with the printer via the print server.  It recognises it, and prints to it, but the job gets stuck when 9-11% complete.  Considering it took a heck of a lot of effort to get it to talk to the printer under the old set up, I’m not surprised.  I’m not all that bothered right now, since it’s the holidays and I’m ignoring the iBook (this mixed PC/Mac home network was never my idea…).

Yesterday was a shopping trip to Tamworth.  Not terribly interesting.  Today I finally started plying my first two bobbins of merino singles.  Hooray!  Real yarn as a product of my spinning!  It seems to have taken forever as I just haven’t had time.  The first skein is pretty good – it’s the best part of my first bobbin – most of my second bobbin is pretty even.  The second skein is a bit more wobbly as the not-so-great parts of the first bobbin are overspun, so the plys don’t balance.  I’m yet to ply the last part of each bobbin, but I expect it to be much like the second skein.  Photos soon.

On my visit to Sydney earlier this month I made a visit to All Buttons Great and Small in Newtown, and picked out some nice buttons for Strawberry’s Surprise.  I sewed them on the other day, so it’s now finished (photos only once my sister has received it).  I also went to Haighs Chocolates in the Strand Arcade.  I’ve loved Haighs Chocolate since first experiencing it while at at conference in Adelaide many years ago, and I was a frequent visitor to Haighs shops back when I lived in Melbourne.  I bought quite a bit of chocolate, but it’s all gone now (*sob*).  I’ll have to make a return visit next month when I’m down again (another fly in-fly out in one day, sadly).

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