Some photos from the garden:

This is just one of the flower spikes on my Babianas or Baboon Flowers.  Last year I had one spike with a few pathetic flowers.  This year I have at least 8 spikes.  They’re quite cheery.

And these are some of the Ranunculus.  I love the deep strong oranges and reds in these flowers.  They get the afternoon sun and just seem to glow in it.

Some knitting – I’ve started another pair of socks since I’m really not enjoying knitting the Miami Socks at all.  This new pair is in Heirloom Jigsaw colour 33.  It has blue, black and purple stripes separated by black and white “stripes”.  I’ve just realised I forgot to photograph my first skein of yarn.  Typepad seems slow tonight so I can’t be bothered right now.

Back to school tomorrow.  I would have liked a bit more holiday time to finish catching up with a lot of stuff.  I just never made it to the bottom of the list *sigh*.

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