Heirloom Jigsaw Socks Finished


As I said yesterday, I have no works in progress.  I finished these socks in Heirloom Jigsaw yarn last weekend, and they are lovely and snuggly.  Not that I’ll need them until next autumn/winter – this week has been hot.  Being Armidale, and ‘hot’ being only around 30 deg C, I won’t complain too much – elsewhere it has hit 40 deg C – yuck!

The Miami Socks went to the frog pond.  I hated knitting them, and realised they were also going to be too loose.  I haven’t decided what that strange Miami yarn will become – it’s gone back in the stash.  I have other projects awaiting my attention, but they involve some dyeing first, and I hadn’t been home from school early enough to ring and order the necessary dyes in business hours until this week.  In fact I’ve splurged a bit this week – more dyes, more yarn (Bendigo Woollen Mills sale) and a pattern (it’s for that silk and ivory yarn in the stash enhancement list on the left – after I’ve dyed it).

And I picked up a copy of the first issue of Yarn Magazine, released today.  It looks good and I hope it gives ‘Creative Knitting’ (an oxymoronic title!) a run for its money.  I’m just happy to have an Aussie magazine worth buying that should have patterns in locally available yarns and has ads for local yarns – it can be a real tease to open one of the overseas mags and see ads for products or patterns using yarns you can’t get here (or can if after exchange rate and shipping it proves not too costly).

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