I’m staying at my parents home in Port Stephens before travelling on to Sydney tomorrow. Today my Mother and I went shopping in Nelson Bay and Salamander Bay. Mum had to renew her driver’s license at the RTA (I went looking in op shops for knitting needles to teach some of my students to knit) then we went to buy some Crocs.

I first heard about Crocs on Kris’s blog, but didn’t have a clue what she was on about. Then she showed a picture and I was agog! Bright red! Then, on the weekend, Mum was talking about them because they were mentioned in the Sydney Morning Herald travel section as really comfortable shoes to travel in (my parents are travelling to Great Britain next northern Summer). So we got on the ‘net and visited and to have a look. I was really interested in the Aspens because they have a solid top – I could wear them in the Science labs at school. But the Australian site didn’t include them, so I thought I was going to be disappointed. Mum liked the Beach ones. We determined where we were able to get them locally from the list of shops on the Australian site.


And so we found ourselves looking at a range of many coloured Crocs in a menswear shop in Nelson Bay. To my joy, they had the Aspens, but only in three colours (Black, Brown and Taupe). I went with the Taupe.  Mum picked out some lovely Lilac Beachs. She so enjoyed their comfort she left the shop wearing them. When we got to the Salamander Centre, she quite enjoyed stunning those people who were walking around staring at the ground.  The sight of the shoes caught the eyes of some who looked up to see who was wearing them! I’ve been wearing mine around the house since we got back, and I’m starting to think I might have to seek out a pair of Beach Crocs in Butter at Rebel Sport once I get to Sydney.


I’ve finished the back of the Denim Pinafore, and could easily finish the front before Christmas. I didn’t bring any other projects with me because of the yarn needing dyeing (or the pattern to arrive) first. So while I was in KMart I picked up some cheap balls of Holiday 8 ply wool (not machine wash treated) to make a Wine Sock from the first issue of Yarn magazine.

If you visited my blog on Friday or over the weekend, you might have wondered why my progress on the Denim Pinafore went backwards to 0% and my previous post went missing, then came back without images. TypePad was having some problems and had to restore people’s blogs from backups. It should all be fixed now.

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