Strawberry’s Surprise


When I arrived in Sydney on Tuesday, I went to see my sister Katherine and go for a swim, and I finally had the opportunity to give her Strawberry’s Surprise.  I can now reveal the pattern was Kate Gilbert’s “Samantha”, which I knitted in Bendigo 8 ply cotton in “snow”.  I also gave Kath a couple of other baby items I’d knitted – “Daisy” (the hooded version), and a little jacket with a lace border I’ve made a few times now and is quite nice.  I think I have photos of them somewhere but I can’t be bothered to go in search of them just now.  I hope to get some photos of “Strawberry” wearing them before too long…  The bub is due on 13 January.

It took a bit of effort to get my laptop onto my brother Tim’s wireless network – many hours of stuffing around with security settings to get it to work.  I don’t bother with the same level of security at my place.  My next-door neighbour’s network is not secured, so I figure if anyone wants a connection they’ll use theirs before trying to break the encryption on mine (I also regularly check my router’s log for suspect activity).

I’ve been visiting folk here in Sydney as well as doing a fair bit of shopping.  Not present shopping for Christmas, as I did all that before leaving home.  This has been shopping for all the little things I don’t get to buy in Armidale.  Like walking into a shop of just earrings (Starfish Earrings).  And I did my usual drop in to Tapestry Craft (sale!) and Haighs in the city.  Calling into the Gardens Shop at the Royal Botanic Gardens was particularly damaging to my credit card – the fifth and final volume of the Horticultural Flora of South Eastern Australia was there, and I needed to complete my set with it – at $160.  I like books too much!

A little more shopping tomorrow and SSK on Saturday…

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