Rubi + Lana

I wasn’t sure if I’d visit Rubi + Lana in Gordon.  I’d not been to the shop before, but I’d heard a lot about it from others on the Justdoitknits list.  Being so close to Christmas, I thought getting to Gordon and parking was going to be a hassle.  But I’m glad I went.  Parking was no problem at all, and the shop was well worth the trip.  I drooled over the Lorna’s Laces (I just couldn’t justify spending $30/skein to make a $60 pair of socks), the “Royal Silk” from Art Yarns, and numerous other imported yarns, and browsed for ages.  They also have Addi Turbos, but as I hadn’t received the shawl pattern before leaving Armidale, I didn’t know what size I wanted (or if I already have the size I need).  No matter, as I’ll just order from STYK again.  But I ended up buying some “Rubi + Lana” 100% wool 2 ply (pale blue) and 3 ply (brown).  I took ages to settle on which colour to choose because there was quite a range.


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