Wine Sock and Denim Pinafore finished

Happy New Year!

SSK turned out to be something of a fizzer on Christmas Eve.  Barmuda was closed and no one else was stupid enough to be out in the heat like silly me.  No matter.

It has remained horribly hot over the last week or so, and even here in Armidale I’m frying.  So I’ve been doing very little, as I really don’t tolerate the heat all that well.


The Denim Pinafore was virtually finished on Christmas day, with only the neck and armhole edging and side seams remaining to be done.  But I didn’t get around to finishing it until yesterday.  I’m really happy with the finished product.  Very cute.  I ended up using just under half the indigo-dyed yarn, so I might make another one in a smaller size for about 12-18 months age (this one is the 2-3 year old size – the smallest in Erika Knight’s book).  I got that idea from this blog.  I won’t start on that too soon as it would be a little boring.


I started a Wine Sock on Christmas Eve and finished by fulling it on Thursday.  It ended up far too tall – I thought I’d fulled it enough (two times through the wash parts of the heavy duty cycle on my machine, and seemingly not willing to get any smaller), but it seems to have stretched as I pulled it over a rolled up towel in plastic to dry.  It’s about the right height for one of my stoppered glass bottles I keep in the fridge with water or fruit juice in them, but it is too tall for a standard wine bottle.  If I make this again (and I probably will, as it is a great way of using up leftover yarn), then I’d make it shorter than the 46 cm the pattern specified.

Today I dyed the silk and ivory yarn with the Landscape Mist dye I mentioned before Christmas.  Once it has dried and I’ve wound it into a ball, I’ll be able to start the Flower Basket Shawl.  I knitted up the small  sample I’d dyed previously to be sure of the needle size I’ll be using, and after having been concerned about having enough yarn when I first got the pattern, it looks like there’s no problem.  Meanwhile, I keep itching to start another shawl with the blue 2 ply yarn I bought at Rubi and Lana.  But I don’t think I want two shawls on the go at once, so I’m trying to resist the temptation.

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