Happiness is…


Happiness is thinking you have completely run out of chocolate then finding two packets of Lindt Christmas Bells and a Reindeer hidden in the back of the pantry.  I bought them before going away for Christmas, and completely forgot about them.  The reindeer is probably safe from consumption until I get back from Sydney.

The Flower Basket Shawl is now at the half-way point, judged by the weight of the remaining ball of yarn.  I’ve already done two pattern repeats more than specified by the pattern (my yarn is not conforming to the pattern’s statement of yardage required), and it’s going to be hard to judge when to switch to the edging – and with a row length currently at 295 sts, I don’t want to go too far and have to frog back.  Nor do I want to finish too soon and have lots of spare yarn.  I’m keeping track of the rate at which the remaining yarn is used with each pattern repeat.  At the moment it’s about 10 grams in the last repeat.

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