Flower Basket Shawl finished

I knew it was going to be a close thing to running out of yarn on the edging of the Flower Basket Shawl.  I made it to the cast off row, but only had 4 metres of yarn remaining – not even enough to do half the cast off.  Bugger.  It was close enough though to not want to rip back the last pattern repeat – I would have been left with about 15 grams of yarn.  So I decided to modify the edging, eliminating two rows – which meant ripping back only three rows.  It still looked like it might be a close thing.  I got half way across the cast off and measured what was left – 9 metres.  I still wasn’t sure I’d make it until I was nearly done.  And it was indeed very close – I had one metre of yarn left at the end!


I blocked it before going to school yesterday (yes, a half-day yesterday, full days tomorrow and Monday before the students return on Tuesday *sigh*), and it was finally dry this morning (we had a cool, very humid day yesterday).


The final dimensions are 168 cm wide and 77 cm deep.  If I was doing it again I’d buy two hanks of the yarn (Silk and Ivory from the Wool Peddler) and make it larger.  But it is large enough to wrap around my shoulders and tie at the front – and I’ll be keeping it close at hand for the cool Armidale evenings when I want it to keep me warm.

Now I have the dilemma of what to start next.  I’ve really enjoyed doing some lace for a change, but with school going back, I should probably stick to something on which I can zone out a bit more.  I still can’t start the vest I want to make with the silk/wool yarn I had my Mum spin for me because my attempts at dyeing samples haven’t yielded a desirable colour.  I may cast on the Kiri Shawl in the blue Rubi + Lana 2 ply to satisfy my lace craving, but start something else as well for the too-tired-need-to-relax times.

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