Lots of Ick

The day after my last post, I started to come down with an awful head cold, and ended up coming home from school at recess on the Friday, and didn’t return to work until the next Wednesday.  The head cold then turned into bronchitis, which has lingered, and lingered (despite antibiotics), and I’m stiff suffering the ick.  I’m sick of being sick.

There’s not much progress on any knitting.  The Lorna’s Laces socks were cast on about four times before I was happy, then the colour pooling was an issue, and the cable and rib pattern was quite pointless as the variegation made it impossible to see the texture.  So I frogged back to the cuff and have made them plain stocking stitch instead.  I’m about to turn the heel on the first sock.

I cast on a circular scarf with the Touch 4 ply I bought last year at Virginia Farm.  I wanted a full twist in it (not a Moebius half-twist), and the first time I cast on I somehow managed to have no twist in it.  The second time I managed to hit on a number of stitches that resulted in pooling of the variegated yarn (are you beginning to see a pattern here? – maybe this post should have been called "lots of casting on").  The third time I finally got it right.  But then I read yesterday that a full twist instead of a Moebius is too much twist and the resulting scarf won’t sit right.  So I’ll frog again, and put it away until I get a circular needle long enough to make a true Moebius.

I think I need to start a project in a plain coloured yarn.  I’d start the lacy cardigan, but I still haven’t sat down and done the planning.  I need a clear head first – I have to get over the ick.

Last year I got to choose a book for my Spinning and Weaving group to purchase because of the amount of work I did with a fund raiser we had.  Last week I found we still hadn’t got the book, so I decided I really wanted to buy it myself anyhow.  So today I got onto Amazon and ordered two books – Yarn to Dye For (the one I wanted in the first place), and Dyeing to Knit.  Hopefully I’ll have them in a few week’s time.

And it was the Armidale Show this week.  I didn’t enter anything at all this year – I’d have liked to have entered some weaving, but I simply hadn’t done any.  I went along to see the show yesterday with Peter and Joan.  The knitting, spinning and weaving displays were very disappointing – everything was very badly displayed with so much overlap of items that you couldn’t appreciate the beauty or work that had gone into them.  I didn’t pay as much attention to the quilting or embroidery, but I think they suffered from similar treatment.

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