Yes, I am a Nerd


After all my colour pooling problems last week, I found a pattern I wanted to knit, and went up to Guyra after school on Monday and bought the yarn for the project at Black Sheep Wool and Wares.  I cast on on Monday night.  It’s the DNA Scarf from Two Sheep, in Jo Sharp DK Tweed colour 416 Cocoa.  I love this yarn, it’s 85% wool, 10% silk and 5% cashmere – I made a cardigan in the Paper Rose colour about two years ago.  And yes, the pattern does scream “I am a nerd”, but heck, I am a nerd.

I still have a bit of the ick.  I finished the antibiotics on Monday, had a rotten Tuesday, but was much better on Wednesday and continue to steadily improve.  It was Spinning and Weaving today, and I found that the group had finally received “Yarn to Dye For” – the book I ordered last week from Amazon.  Typical.  I had a look at it, and I’m quite happy I bought it for myself anyway.

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