What time is it?

Daylight saving would normally have ended today.  But because of the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, this year they’ve extended it until next Sunday.  I wasn’t even aware of it until a few days ago when they mentioned it on the news.  Alas, today, both laptops (mine and school’s) dutifully switched back to Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) without bothering to ask me.  I switched both back, and I’ll manually change them again next week.  The hassle is my digital set top box.  I don’t set the time on it – it receives the time in the digital signal.  It’s pretty handy when the power fails – it is told the current time and date, and presumably stores all my recording information on the PVR’s hard disk.  So Thursday week ago when the power was off for around an hour (which was jolly fun at school – not!), the VCR needed reprogramming, but the set top box was fine.  But now the box is on AEST, so all my recordings are set to happen an hour late.  I could change all the recordings for the week, but then the time signal might get corrected at any time.  I may just turn all the recordings off for the week, and start and stop each one I need manually.  But one of them is while I’m at school.

Edit: I’ve fixed the time on the set top box – I fudged it by changing my time zone.  It seems I have got control over whether it applies daylight saving either “October to March” or a Tasmanian setting for their earlier start to daylight saving.

There is progress in spinning:

purplesilkwool2dnascarf2And progress on the DNA Scarf.  I am still suffering from the ick, more than four weeks on.  I didn’t go to school on Friday because I coughed so badly all night and barely got a wink of sleep.  The doctor is sure that all the bugs are dead – but I may go on coughing up the gunk in my lungs for another four weeks yet.  Sigh.

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