DNA Scarf Finished


I finished the DNA Scarf on Tuesday – just as the weather warmed up again, so I haven’t had the chance to wear it.  I stopped knitting it when it reached about 2 metres long, which meant I have about half a ball of yarn left over.

I’ve gone back to knitting the Lorna’s Laces socks and I’ve turned the heel of the first sock.  I’m not as annoyed with the colour pooling as I was before.

Today I’ve done a whole lot of fibre dyeing – mainly some cotton for a project you won’t see on here (as the intended recipient may be reading…) and some wool tops to be spun and plied with the silk/merino blend I’ve been spinning (or, rather, that I was spinning a few weeks ago – no spinning has actually occurred in the last couple of weeks).  Pictures soon – I have to go pull the last of the cotton out of a Synthrapol bath and finish rinsing it.

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