Happy Easter!

Here’s the cotton I dyed on Friday, being checked out by a Pink Lady chocolate bilby.  The aim was purple, fire-engine-red, and orange cotton yarn (Bendigo 8 ply, originally ‘snow’).  This was the first time I’d gotten around to dyeing cotton with fibre reactive dyes – my previous use of these dyes has been with Tencel.  I had bought a second violet dye from Kraft Kolour because I didn’t like the colour of the violet from Batik Oetoro.   Sadly, both violets are pretty much the same red-violet colour.  I hate red-violets but absolutely love blue-violets.  So the purple yarn had a second trip to the dye bath with some blue to make it a yummy blue-violet.  The red also had a second trip to the dye bath – I failed to put enough dye in the first time around, and it came out too pink – certainly not a fire engine!  A heavier dose of dye overcame that issue.  The third was meant to be orange.  It looked more orange when wet, but really it at the yellow end of yellow-orange.  Next time, more red dye needs to go in that mixture.  I didn’t bother revisiting the dye bath with that skein since the colour works just fine with the other colours.

Sorry, no pictures of the wool yet – it’s a yummy purple, but is not quite dry yet.  I’ve also had fun planting some bulbs in the garden, and cleaning the house.  And the bilby is now headless…

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