The Sock Bug

I appear to have transferred the sock bug to my Mother.  My parents have been here for a visit since Thursday.  On Friday we went looking at cars for me.  I decided what I’m buying, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen immediately.  Anyway, on Saturday morning it was very cold, and we were going to Guyra – partly to see the new Devils Pinch deviation of the New England Highway that opened just before Easter after about two years of construction, and partly to go to Black Sheep Wool n Wares, my LYS.  Guyra is colder than Armidale, so I told my parents to be warmly dressed.  My Mother asked to borrow a pair of my hand knitted socks because her feet had been cold.  She liked them a lot so buying some sock wool in Guyra became a goal.


I bought yarn to make up for not buying a car – Madil Kid Seta (kid mohair/silk blend) in a variegated blue.  Mum bought the same yarn in a multicoloured variegated colourway – we’ve both admired the shawl patterns in the latest Yarn Magazine issue, so this yarn is likely to end up in something like one of the patterns from there.  Mum picked out a Patons Patonyle sock yarn in a self patterning colourway.  With some needles borrowed from me, Mum has made a fair bit of progress on the first sock, and is enjoying the magic of the stripes appearing and changing with the progress of the sock.  I had ordered some cream Patonyle before Easter, but it hasn’t come in yet – I intend to over dye it in my own choice of colours with inspiration from the Yarn to Dye For book.



My own sock project, with the Lorna’s Laces has made progress over the last week.  The first sock is now finished, and I’ve started on the second.  As the picture shows, the striping of the second sock is not quite the same as in the first sock.  So these will be fraternal rather than identical socks.  We had a BBQ lunch today and Mum and I sat in the sun knitting away on our respective socks.  Tomorrow, Mum, Dad and I will head to Nundle to visit the woollen mill before they continue on home.

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