Sock yarn dyeing


Take two balls of cream Patons Patonyle.  Calculate the amount of yarn needed to knit a sock stripe of desired width (about 2 metres – thin stripes).  Decide how many coloured stripes to have (four) and therefore how long one color repeat will be (8 metres).  Wind both balls simultaneously into an 8 metre skein on a warping board.  (Sorry, I forgot to photograph that bit.)  Wonder if you will regret winding both balls together…

Wet out skein in water and detergent overnight.  Measure each two metre section and mark with a tight tie to minimise the dye wicking into the adjacent colours.  Paint yarn with the dyes of the chosen colours.  Wrap with plastic wrap and microwave in a heatproof dish.  Realise you’ve forgotten to remove the tight ties.  Scald fingers while removing ties…  Allow yarn to cool completely.  Rinse and hang to dry.


Take skein of yarn to spinning and weaving day and with the assistance of four friends (three to hold the skein and two winding off the two strands of yarn) wind skein into centre-pull balls on toilet rolls.  Wind the balls again with ball winder after getting home.  Start knitting socks.

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2 Responses to Sock yarn dyeing

  1. Lara says:

    Fab ! Curious as to what size needles you use with the Patonyle ? Each time I have used it I have gone down a needle size – and I am still not happy with how they are wearing. I love the softness though !


  2. Jenwren says:

    I’m using 2.5 mm bamboos (tulip brand from Tapestry Craft), and yes, Patonyle is much softer than the other sock wools I’ve used. My Mum is using 2.25 mm needles because she knits at a different tension to me.


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