Wool Expo and Finished Items


Here are the finished Lorna’s Laces socks, on my feet since they are so nice and comfortable.  I can also now reveal what the cotton I dyed over Easter became – a little cotton jersey for my friend Jean’s baby, due next month.  With these items finished and only another pair of socks started, I’ve finally cast on the strawberry bobble cardigan, which will probably be a very long term project.

cotton jersey

I had a very busy and enjoyable weekend with Wool Expo, demonstrating spinning and helping children use a spinning wheel we had set up with scrap yarn to play with.  Being in the woolcraft tent with several retailers made it inevitable that I would buy something, and I ended up purchasing 500 grams of Optim for spinning, 50 grams of Ingeo to spin and three more Landscape dyes.  Belisa Cashmere, in the next tent, had some laceweight hand-dyed skeins and cones for sale as well as many items of clothing, but I passed on buying any more yarn since there’s plenty in the stash already, and I’d done my dash on the Optim, Ingeo and dyes.

Alas, I finished one lot of marking, and a new lot was handed in today.  *sigh*

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  1. Monica says:

    I didn’t know we shared a boithday! Happiest of boithdays to ya!


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