I’m on holiday and have been on school hols for over a week now.  I’ve been away from Armidale since last Thursday, firstly at my parents place, then I drove them to Sydney and deposited them at the airport (they should be in England by now) before arriving at my sister’s home.  Here I found the delightful Charlotte has grown a fair bit since I saw her in January.


I’ve actually found some time for knitting again, after a dreadfully hectic school term that had me too exhausted to bother with pointy sticks in the evenings.  I had dyed the yarn (8 ply Bendigo cotton) and started Anouk from for Charlotte during term, but most of it was finished while I was at my parent’s place over the weekend.  It is awaiting blocking, various little bits of stitching and buttons to finish it off.  We’re playing musical homes for the remainder of the week – I’m staying here in Sydney with Oscar the puddy tat, while Kath, Damien and Charlotte go to stay at Mum & Dad’s in their absence.


Kath had been knitting a black Feathers (hey, forget what the yarn is and don’t knock the fact she’s actually knitting…) scarf some weeks ago and had finished, but needed help learning how to shape the end into a point to match the start.  So I demonstrated how to knit two stitches together and told her to do that at the start of each row and she happily finished it off within minutes.


As well as Anouk to finish, I brought with me the second sock of the hand-dyed Patonyle to finish, and the Kiri Shawl in Madil Kid Seta (which I haven’t touched in ages) to keep me busy.  The Strawberry Bobble Cardigan ended up frogged – there wasn’t enough yarn for what I intended to do.  Being away in Sydney, I sadly couldn’t participate in the Le Tour de Fleece  which neatly fit with my school holiday dates, but my spinning wheel couldn’t come with me since I was taking Mum & Dad to the airport and the car needed to carry three people and all their luggage.  And I won’t get to SSK on this trip since I missed last Saturday and will have gone home by the 22nd.

And I’m primarily on dial-up while away, so there probably won’t be many updates here.

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