Anouk Finished


I’ve finished blocking, stitching bits together and sewing buttons onto Anouk and I’m pretty pleased with how it’s turned out.  I was very pleased to find some suitably bright orange buttons without much difficulty.  Charlotte should look good wearing it over the coming Summer.  I’ve had fun catching up with friends and catching up on some shopping (clothes, books, chocolate, various notions including the orange buttons etc.).  Today I picked up some Anchor Magicline cotton in a nice bright orange/pink colourway from Lincraft in the city.  I have various ideas about what it will become.


In my sister’s absence I’ve been enjoying the company of Oscar, her puddy tat.  He and I are best friends, though we weren’t on the first night after my sister etc. left.  See, he’d been being fed at 4 am when Kath or Damien were up because of the baby (or World Cup Soccer), and Oscar tried to persuade me to feed him at 4 am.  Suffice to say he failed, and hasn’t dared to try again.  Since the second night he’s been coming and sleeping on my bed.  He’s slowed down a lot in his old age, and has been seeking out my attention to “unscrew his ears” (give him a good scratch around the ears and under his collar) – I’m such a softie that I always oblige.

I’ve also taken the opportunity while in Sydney to go and see the movie “Wah-Wah” (since it still hasn’t opened in Armidale), which I thoroughly enjoyed, and I’m currently reading the accompanying book by Richard E. Grant, “The Wah-Wah Diaries”.  Not only is the film a remarkable story, but the story of getting it filmed is also quite something.

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