Moebius Fun

I came back to Armidale last Monday to find what seemed like about 2 kg of mail waiting for me at the post office.  Admittedly nearly half of that was one journal issue which clocks in at an amazing 990 grams (I just weighed it – previously I thought I had 1 kg of mail in total), but trust me, it was lots of mail.  The best bit was that some Addi Turbo needles I’d ordered several weeks before going away had finally arrived.  This included a 4 mm 150 cm circular for a moebius scarf.  The yarn for this project was purchased just over a year ago, and has been destined for this purpose since March.


I cast on the scarf on Wednesday, when Peter came over for the afternoon and we sat around knitting and catching up, since he’d returned from Sydney only just before I’d left, so we hadn’t seen each other for a while.  After a bit of maths I realised I was going to have to do a long moebius that could go around my neck twice because I’d chosen 150 cm circulars and needed enough stitches to not have to stretch the knitting.  In retrospect, I should have gone for 120 cm circulars.  After Peter left, I realised I’d twisted the cast on such that I had one-and-a-half twists instead of a half twist.  So I had to rip back (I was on the third round), and start again.  That first half round is a bugger, but at least doing it the second time I knew what I was doing and it was a bit faster.


I’m really enjoying knitting this scarf, even though each round is a very large number of stitches.  The socks and the shawl haven’t had a look in since Wednesday.  School’s back in from this week, so progress might slow down.  Although I’d really like to keep to three or less works in progress at any one time,  next on my list of things I want to knit is the “knucks” pattern from the latest Knitty (probably plain, no words).  I may end up with four WIPs.

Oh, and Kath was thrilled with Anouk for Charlotte.  Oscar was very sad to see me leave him (he kept blocking the door!), and probably more than a bit put out by the time Kath et al. actually returned – the next day!  (which wasn’t planned).

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