This is a post without pictures.  I finished the hand-dyed socks a few weeks ago now, but haven’t gotten around to photographing them.  And I still haven’t photographed the moebius scarf in daylight either.  It’s been a wet, dark weekend, so no good for photography.  No good for getting out in the garden either.  I had to spray paint some jam jar lids with gold paint (don’t ask…), and it rained on them.  That sort of sums up the weekend.  But I did tackle a lot of the towering ironing pile I hadn’t touched since April while rewatching Dr Who episodes.

There’s not much knitting happening – I’m sick of socks for the time being.  I don’t have the brain power for the Kiri Shawl, and most of the things I want to start are dependent on doing some yarn dyeing.  I can’t even be bothered with a "project pipeline" list like here, here or here.  And I finally got my hands on the latest Interweave Knits magazine but wasn’t all that inspired…

Why?  Well Spring sprang last week then we retreated back into cold weather and it’s made me feel crappy.  I need to sit out in the sunshine, but there’s none to be had.  And I’ve had some really busy weeks with school that have drained my energy – thankfully the term has reached its crescendo and it should be downhill from here.

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