Catch Up

Since I finished up at school last week I’ve been very productive.  I had a lot of my own books and resources that had to come home and have a place found for them.  In the meantime, they got stacked up in front of one of the bookcases.  I forgot to take a “before shot” so here’s a “during” shot of me trying to put more things into already-full bookcases.


In the course of this exercise, I decided the DVD collection needed a new home, since it was taking up a whole bookshelf, yet still didn’t have enough room.


For the first time since the last school holidays, I found the living room floor!


And it got a good vacuuming, along with the rest of the house.  The DVDs look much better too.  I added several more to the group with the white spines – they’re recorded on my DVD recorder.  The Set Top Box hard drive was almost full since I hadn’t had time to record off anything in over two months (if the ratings period had not ended, I would have been stuffed…).  Eight hours of MythBusters, six hours of Catalyst and two hours of miscellaneous Science documentaries came off the drive, and I finally watched a few programs that were only on there for time-shifting.  The drive is now almost empty.


The downside was that the knitting/spinning/weaving books and magazines had to be relocated to a small bookcase in my bedroom.  I tossed out a heap of old cooking and computing magazines I hadn’t referred to at all in so long that they simply weren’t work keeping (I checked eBay first, and issues of the same magazines weren’t selling).  So out in the recycling they went.


I’ve made more progress on Icarus, and have completed the requisite number of repeats of chart 1.  As silk won’t block to the same dimensions as the yarn the pattern calls for, I’m doing an additional repeat of chart 1.  Thankfully there is no danger of my running out of yarn since I bought a second skein some time back, just in case.  I’ll use any leftovers in weaving.  I have come across the fact some pattern corrections now exist for chart 4 (not on Interweave’s site), and that the pattern (which is from Interweave Knits Summer 2006) is now available from the author as a downloadable pdf.


And I’ve even had the chance to dye some silk hankies.  This was a new experience, and I’ll probably do it differently next time.  I’m looking forward to starting to spin them.

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