Icarus, Spinning and Tidying

I’m still making progress on Icarus.  The extra repeat of chart 1 has turned into a second extra repeat of chart 1 after some careful measuring and mathematics with the assistance of Margaret at Spinning and Weaving last Saturday.  I’ve just the last half-repeat of the monotonous chart 1 before I can move onto chart 2.

I’ve finally had the spinning wheel out and have been spinning the purple merino I dyed back I-don’t-know-when.  It’s to be plied with the silk/merino blend I was spinning back in March according to my blog archives…  Unfortunately, the wool was slightly felted (just a little, but enough to be annoying) during dyeing and is being a little difficult to work with.  I have one bobbin and one half-bobbin of the silk/merino blend, so once I have a half-bobbin of the purple stuff, I’ll do some plying to see how it’s turning out.  I haven’t tackled the silk hankies yet, mainly because my hands aren’t smooth enough just at present thanks to some eczema, and the silk catches really easily.  The wheel is coming with me to Mum and Dad’s over Christmas, so there will hopefully be some productive output.

I started and finished my Christmas shopping in one
hit yesterday.  Hardly some great feat since I had only four presents
to get.  We only give the children presents in our family (one nephew
and three nieces at last count), which I really like.  There is far too
much stupid consumerism at Christmas time.  To me it is more about
spending time with my family.

I’ve been tidying up around the blog sidebars.  I’ve updated my “Blogs I Read” list since it only had 11 sites listed, whereas my Bloglines account has 37 feeds subscribed…  I haven’t thrown all of them up there since some are covered by the Links list or for various other reasons.  I also fixed a few out of date links and noticed that the Fibre Arts Bloggers Web Ring image had gone missing.  After searching about I discovered that the ring had “moved” and the image now needed to be stored on my own blog (which is the usual set up anyhow).  It seems many haven’t realised this and still have broken links (and missing images) on their blogs – and the change seems to have occurred back in July!  I know it is hard to manage a Web Ring (since I’m still stuck with managing a small one in addition to one of my web sites), but it would have been nice to have been informed there had been changes.

It seems the local post office finally did a bit of tidying of their own and placed a ‘final’ parcel notice in my post office box this morning.  It was a package of beads I ordered over a month ago, and reported missing three weeks ago…  I suspect the first card (which, according to the parcel, should have arrived on the 23rd November) either went in the wrong box, or the parcel arrived on the same day as another, but they decided to put only one card in the box and then failed to notice both parcels when I handed in the card.  I’m a bit miffed that it took nearly a month to get around to the second card.  In that time I’ve collected three other parcels!  When I went away in July, I got a first and final card for a parcel inside a week!  Anyway, I’m jolly pleased to finally have obtained the beads!

And I finally finished clearing off the set top box hard drive, removing the last four episodes of Mythbusters to DVD.  The hard drive is now empty for the first time since I first bought it in May last year.  But not for long – The series Teachers, that I mentioned back in September has been screening at a ridiculously late hour on Wednesdays, so the box has that to time shift for me again tomorrow night.  It gave me the chance to use the “erase disk” function though – with everything deleted the disk was still only 99.9% available until I did the erase function, so now it is at 100%.  I haven’t a clue what the 0.1% being used was about!

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