Hail Storm

Peter came over today and we sat around knitting and chatting the morning away.  Later we went into town and I picked up my mail including a new umbrella swift I purchased on eBay last week, browsed the second hand bookshop, lamented that Interweave Knits Winter edition still hasn’t arrived at the newsagent and had some lunch before popping over to my local yarn shop.  We nattered away there with the owner for quite some time, then noticed a storm was approaching.  I think I said several times over ten minutes that I really wanted to get home and bring the washing in…

It was sprinkling lightly as we left.  It started absolutely bucketing down when we were half way (and it wasn’t more than a 1.5 km trip) and then it started hailing as we turned into my driveway.  And hailing, and hailing and hailing.  There was no cover for us or the car so we had to sit it out for what must have been at least 5 minutes in the car while everything around us turned white.  Finally it eased off a bit and I opened my garage door so the front of Peter’s car was a bit protected.  But it had pretty much ended by then.


I got out the camera and took numerous pictures – I’ve put some in a photo album (sorry, dead link removed) Peter shovelled up a handful – it was fairly bountiful.  The largest stones were about the size of twenty cent coins and it seems at least some of them did dent Peter’s car lightly.  Bummer.  Even now – two hours later, they haven’t all melted.  The south side of the house was flooded with a good ten centimetres of hail stones and water.


After Peter left, I finally went to survey the damage to the washing.  The east side of the house really copped it.  Only half the washing stayed on the line.  Many pegs were snapped.  You can barely see the half load of washing on the ground, and I also unearthed my back door mat – it had been carried down the stairs and it’s a plastic/rubber mat and is all cracked!  I gathered up the washing and it’s had to go back in the machine, complete with hail stones and mashed wisteria vine and have three rinses.  My laundry now looks like a bomb hit it.  The parsley, beans and tomatoes on this side of the house were both shredded and buried in ice.

Thankfully most of my plants, including a much cared for tomato plant, are on the west side on the sheltered veranda, so they were all okay.  The ash tree on the roadside has a carpet of shredded leaves under it – the neighbour’s empress tree is also sadly shredded.  In fact the road is carpeted in green along much of its length.

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3 Responses to Hail Storm

  1. Kate says:

    That sounds like an exciting afternoon – do the skys always open when Peter visits?
    I’m lamenting that Interweave Knits Winter edition still hasn’t arrived in my Post box let alone the newsagents.


  2. Adele says:

    Please hug Peter for me! And one for you, of course. 🙂


  3. Bron says:

    I didn’t get caught in the hail, but had to drive home through east Armidale an hour later, which was pretty scary, with hail deep on the road. there’s a few pics omn my blog and Gordon’s.
    Interweave Knits was in the newsagent in the Mall yesterday – I have my copy 😉


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