More about that storm

I didn’t realise the other day following the hail storm just how severe it had been to the east of me.  It seems I was towards the western edge of the area affected, so I was pretty lucky.  I left town on Friday morning, having seen the centre of town (which was hit about as hard as I was I think) and plenty of SES and council workers about, but on the east edge of town the Exhibition Centre collapsed under the weight of hail stones, and many people’s homes were badly damaged.  While on the road I heard on the radio that Armidale had a State of Emergency declared.  Bronwyn has a picture of what it was like trying to travel home, and her husband Gordon, has a photo of the Exhibition Centre (I think – I’m on dial up here and the page won’t load).

On the knitting front, I finally obtained a copy of Interweave Knits before leaving Armidale on Friday but haven’t finished looking at it yet, and my Icarus shawl has finally reached Chart 2.

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  1. Bron says:

    Yay on getting to chart 2 on the icarus shawl! In the daylight today, I picked up the heel stitches on Dad’s second sock – the heel is black, so I needed the good light. Last night, when it was too dark to knit black, I started a new pair of socks – and for once I’m using a different pattern! I’m making the Latvian socks from the Folk Socks book; a picot edge and a simple lace pattern.
    Enjoy your Christmas! Gordon and I are having a quiet day at home, just us, the dogs, a Christmas turkey, and Christmas pudding 😉


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