Back home

Christmas was nice.  I think I avoided eating too much.  I came home on Wednesday to a still messy house.  Yesterday I did a big clean up – raking branches (the Ash Tree lost small branches rather than leaves!), sweeping the mud off the windows and from the brickwork, and cleaning up all the muck that came inside with the washing and littered the laundry floor.  Some of the roof tiles look a bit chipped (I might ask my landlord to have the roof checked), but there doesn’t seem to be any leaks – I was very lucky.

I haven’t managed to summon the energy to get on with a whole lot of yarn dyeing I want to do.  I really want to finish Icarus first.  I’m really a single project at a time kind of person, and I’ve been working on Icarus since October.  It’s finally up to the interesting part – the edging – and I’m nearly at the end of chart 3.  I’m really glad I bought a second skein of the silk yarn as the first ball doesn’t look like it will make it past the middle of chart 4.

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