Icarus Blocking

Icarus finally made it off the needles this morning.  The casting off took an age.  I haven’t bothered working out what the final stitch count was (since the numbers in the pattern didn’t apply as I did two extra repeats), but it was lots.  I had started the second ball of silk half way through chart 4, and used 12-13 grams from the second ball.  I was always going to need that second ball…

After a good soak, and a number of rinses, since a fair amount of dye ran (I expected this from my Mother’s experience with some Mollydale mohair) I’ve pinned it out to block.  It’s not perfectly straight – I’m just not anal enough to spend forever getting it perfect.  Bite me.  I expect it won’t be dry until some time tomorrow at the earliest.  We’re having cool weather here in Armidale, with almost as little rain as you can have, but still have rain.

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  1. Kate says:

    Icarus looks beautiful – it’s a wonder what a good stretch will do. I think we have all your rain clouds here in the Mountains – its been two days of constant misty drizzle.Not that I’m complaining, mind you.


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